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HI everyone… My name is Dimple and I belong to Chennai, India.  I have recently been shifted to the UK after getting married to a UK School Teacher in Leeds.  I wish to share my story and experience of having the guidance of MuscleFood, which helps me in winning the heart of my husband, with an attraction of special deals and discounts on my husband’s favorite recipes in the form of Muscle Food Discount Code.

I spent my childhood and studies in Chennai with my family having two sisters and a brother.  After graduation, I came to the UK for further studies, where I met my husband who is one year senior to me in the University.   He also lives in a boy’s hostel and we have the permission of the authorities to go out in the evening for two to three hours.  I prefer to go with him instead of my girl’s roommates.  My relationship with him has become more obvious and open to my friends as well, and they started bulling me with his name.  However, I intended to understand his habits and lifestyle.

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One fine evening at the dinner, he proposed to me and I responded yes.  We both decided to proceed further for marriage after the studies and he will come to India for a formal proposal plan.  He responded positively to my both ideas and I now very anxiously waiting for my studies to be completed.

I came back to my homeland after the final semester and start waiting for the results as well as for him to come to see me.  He was planning to come to India after getting a job and establishing a place for us to live.   I took the consent of my parents about our relationship and they are happy with my decision and the meeting was just a formality.

We got married in India where he stays for 15 days and I then say goodbye to my family for good and came to the UK for a new life.  Things look very good but suddenly when I saw the Kitchen, I feel myself in deep agony as I have no clue about cooking food.

In the initial days of our marriage, we ordered food from the nearby restaurants but I can feel that my husband prefers homemade food, as he has an acidity problem.  It makes me bad and I start thinking of a remedy to overcome my weakness.  While surfing once, I saw “MuscleFood Recipes” which are offering special deals and discounts on recipes in the form of MuscleFood Recipes.

The next moment, I decided to have an experience of MuscleFood and selected my husband’s favorite recipe Hanger Steak with Baked Onion Rings with Celery Salad Meal. It took me a few minutes to prepare the food with the help of guidelines provided in the Recipe Card and now am anxiously waiting for my husband to come from his School.  When I served the food, my husband was in shock and me if I had cooked the food, and I said yes (with all due respect to MuscleFood).